Advantages of mother tongue

Rather, it is because by the time that they enter school, they have become proficient in communicating using their mother tongue.

For every children that start grade one in our country, only 65 will reach Grade 6, the others having dropped out along the way with 18 of the dropouts occurring between Grade 1 and Grade 2. In such programmes equal importance is given to learning in and through both languages and children learn how to take full advantage of their multilingualism and biliteracy.

mother tongue

Parents can help with homework and can participate in school activities Studies have reported that when children take advantage of their multilingualism they also enjoy higher socioeconomic status, including higher earnings On average, the schools perform better,reporting less repetition Finally, schools report children stay in school longer Is there a perfect model?

There is no one model that fits all contexts in which multilingual children are learning and which meets all of their learning needs. For the beginner, becoming aware of meanings automatically involves connecting them with the mother tongue — until the FL has established an ever-more complex network for itself.

This information was originally published on the website of the International Network for Language Education Policy Studies http: Reexaming English only in the ESL classroom.

You never really knew what it was Advantages of mother tongue to have freedom, as in proper adult freedom, so you don't have it to miss. Even though you love the bright colours and fizzy drink taste, unfortunately so will your child.

The Gullas bill has very good intentions. With the emergence of research into the role of form-focused instruction, teacher- researchers have also begun to acknowledge the mother tongue as a legitimate tool with the potential to facilitate learning mainly in accuracy-based tasks Ferrer.

The foreign language learner must build upon existing skills and knowledge acquired in and through the mother tongue. Thus the common definition of the term mother tongue as given above is a little vague. Studies shows that knowing one language can assist the child to comprehend how other languages work.

It may be referred to and quoted, or reproduced and distributed for educational purposes according to fair use legislation only if the following citation is included in the document: There are many reasons why it is so important to support the continued learning of the home language or mother tongue.

My research also proves that a second language can be learned through comparison of similarities and differences between the L1 and the L2. For mother-tongue based research specific to a region, see for example: Languages in Education and glocalization pp.Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan Amy Tang's thesis is comprised of two components.

First, she claims that language can be powerful in shaping individual lives and society at large. First, she claims that language can be powerful in shaping individual lives and society at large.

The study focuses on identifying the reasons of using mother tongue, benefits of using it and disadvantages of using it. Qualitative method has been used for data collection. I hope, the result of this study will help the language teachers to know about the reasons of their conscious.

Why should we teach in the mother tongue?

Mar 02,  · (Following is the transcript of the segment "Analysis by Winnie Monsod" which aired on News on Q on Jan. 26, Prof. Winnie Monsod is the resident analyst of News on Q which a. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using English as a Medium of Instruction in The Classroom by siti_shaliha.

CIELT_The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using English as a Medium of Instruction in The Mother tongue can bring some advantages to the students’ learning process in the EFL classroom. It will be more helpful.

A mother tongue is the language that a child learns to communicate in his family as an institution in a child as an infant is under the care of his/her mother w ho helps him/her.

Mother Tongue – Based Multilingual Education

toward mother-tongue Scriptures was the most significant factor affecting their use The contract model jeopardized this impor-tant link between church leaders and mother-tongue Scriptures. Bible translators realized that translated Scriptures sitting in warehouses fell short of .

Advantages of mother tongue
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