Report on robi introduction

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Our Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct Maintaining the highest ethical standards and integrity in our operations is a crucial factor at Robi. For administrative purposes the personnel department should make the offer.

Whereas, the poor quality of selection means extra cost on training and supervision. Persons who have limited and low income are the main user of prepaid connection. Counseling and grievance handling-both are different as counseling is basically helping out in personal problems whereas, grievances Handling involves the handling of complains Report on robi introduction the employees has towards the management.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

The assessment should help determine what the risks are, how they should be managed, and what controls are needed. Employee files, litigation files, payroll records, safety records and other administrative files. Avoid actual or potential conflicts of interests in all transactions.

Also HR will assess and examine the need for introducing any new policy issues and bring those to the notice of the Management Council. In simple sense, human resource management means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirements.

But the recruitment and selection process must be developed, modern and fair. Application Form The candidates who clear the preliminary interview are required to fill application blank.

They prefer regular or post paid connection. The forth step is written exam. After introducing prepaid connection in the market, Robi expanded their market all over the country promptly. Recruitment is the discovering of potential applicant for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies.

It monitors these through generating regular report and on site survey. In chapter two I have tried to familiarize the organization with educated society. Become familiar with and comply with the Company policies and procedures. The commitment segment contains duration of scratch card; low call charge per minute, taking prompt action against dissatisfaction with the services etc.

Did this sim provide you best network? Pay attention to the appearance and contents of the notice if it is intended that it is applied by the right people.

For this report a survey has been done, but it consists only ULABians. To devise methodology for assessing psychological traits. The company maintains the benchmark for providing the quality services.

Report on Robi Introduction

It has already started Dhaka-Chittagong Robi backbone.Main objective of this report is to analysis Customer Service in Robi Axiata Limited. The other objectives of this report are to understand the reasons behind the preferences of subscribers for using Connection of Robi and identify the spending patterns of Robi customers.

Robi is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh and was the first operator to introduce GPRS and G services, and to launch 4G service in all 64 districts.

Bangladesh has made notable progress in growth and development since and reached middle-income status in Report on Robi Introduction.

Topics: NTT docomo, Dear Sir, According to your advice to prepare a research on the classification of sales channel I have prepared my report on “Robi Axiata Limited”, on of the telecommunication company of Bangladesh.

INTERNSHIP REPORT ON COMPARISON BETWEEN THE PREVIOUS AND Introduction Overview Of Bangladesh Telecommunication Industry Introduction Of Robi Axiata Limited Parent Companies Of Robi Axiata Limited Management Profile Of Robi Axiata Limited Principles Key Achievements.

The report starts with a general introduction “Robi Axiata Ltd” As well as its purpose, scope and limitation. Then this report proceeds onto the preliminary talk about “Robi Axiata Ltd.” Robi Axiata Ltd.

Report on Robi Introduction

one of the pioneers in the telecommunications private sector of Bangladesh, It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad.

Jul 26,  · reports on robi Executive Summary: Introduction. Robi Axiata Limited. is a GSM-based cellular operator in Bangladesh. But the question is, are the people of Bangladesh are satisfied with the connection of Robi. And this report contains a detailed and technical analysis of the collected data, through which the percentages of.

Report on robi introduction
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